About Mr. Vinod Kothari


Mr. Vinod Kothari, both a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Secretary, is an internationally recognised author, trainer and consultant on specialised financial subjects, viz., securitisation, credit derivatives, asset-backed financing, accounting for financial instruments, Basel III, etc. Mr. Kothari has been a member of the consulting team of the Asian Development Bank to advise the Govt of India on security interest laws in India. He has his share of notable contributions to the literature of securitization and other financial and non-financial resources which are very much accepted and followed by readers.

He has extensive consulting experience in securitisation – offering comprehensive securitization related consulting services to a variety of clients including originators, investors, IT companies, etc. apart from one-off services to several companies in different countries. The locations where he has lectured on these subjects include New York, Washington, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Colombia (South America), South Africa, Malaysia, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

He is renowned for offering services to a number of listed companies which not only include advisory or consultancy related services or conduct of due diligences, but also litigation related services. He, along with his team has conducted various successful summits on securitisation and various advance financial topics which has garnered appreciable response from the industry.

Mr. Kothari also is sought as faculty in various reputed colleges and institutions. He also has a vast experience in working with the various regulators like SEBI, NHB and Government of India and multilateral organisations like IFC and ADB.

Besides, Mr. Kothari has had the opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India Eastern India Regional Council, Calcutta. In 1987, a voluntary organisation of Calcutta chose him as the Outstanding Young Person of Calcutta in the field of Finance and Taxation.